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Minutes from the Sept 15 TDM Committee Meeting 

09-18-2023 10:32


LESI TDM Committee

15 September 2023 2pm CET

1.     Attendees:

a.     Barbara Berdou (chair) (South Africa)

b.    Javier Fernandez-Lasquetty (vice-chair) (Madrid)

c.     Theresa Luk (Hong Kong)

d.    Mercy Musukwa (Malawi)

e.     Ludovico Anselmi (Milan)

f.      Arved Waltemathe (Hamburg)

2.     Apologies

a.     Tatiana Campello (Board Liaison) (Brazil)

b.    Jochen M. Schaefer (chair) (Germany)

c.     Agata Sobol (Italy)

d.    Suvi Julin (Finland)

e.     Gina Busku (Hungary)

3.     Welcome and introductions

4.     Theme for the year: BRANDS IN SPORT

5.     Webinar with Americas committee

Possibly on NIL (Naming Image and Likeness licensing)

6.     Brainstorming what can be done during our term

a.     Les Nouvelle

b.    Roundtable discussions / webinars

c.     Program for AM in Madrid

d.    Collaboration with Innovation Trends committee:

                                             i.     “greenwashing”

                                            ii.     Brands in e-sports

7.     Action items:

a.     Everyone to consider theme and what they would like to do during our term

b.    Americas committee collaboration for webinar

8.     Monthly calls: preference for Thursdays, so monthly call to change to third Thursday of each month.

9.     Next call 19 October

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