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LES USA/Canada


  • Cabello Hall Zinda PLLC and Keith Lutsch PC


Keith concentrates his intellectual property practice on electronics, computer, and networking hardware and software patent prosecution; standards organization activities; patent program development; management and strategy; and the technical aspects of patent adversarial practice including litigation and analysis and post grant challenges before the Patent Trademark and Appeals Board including Post Grant Reviews (PGRs) and Inter-partes Patent Reviews (IPRs).

For Keith Lutsch, PC, Keith brings his great experience drafting and prosecuting patent applications in the computer, networking and telecommunications fields, in the United States and around the world. Approximately two dozen patents prepared by Keith have been litigated.

For Cabello Hall Zinda, PLLC, Keith brings his significant experience managing and participating in major licensing and cross-licensing negotiations, managing standards organizations, preparing and negotiating industry standards agreements, and monitoring the impact of standards on patent portfolios. He has been responsible for reviewing third-party products for infringement, managing strategic patent prosecution procedures and applications, reviewing disclosures and products for patentability, reviewing patent portfolios to identify important patents and applications, and reviewing third-party infringement claims. Keith is very experienced in developing prior art, litigation claim charting and working with expert witnesses.
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