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Posted By Dana Colarulli 12-01-2023 12:26
Found In Egroup: Innovation Trends Committee
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LinkedIN Post: Date/Time: Dec. 6 at 5pm CET | 11am ET Speakers: Antonio Di Bernardo & Tanja Sovic – Innovation Award committee Lisa Schroeder ...
Posted By Dana Colarulli 10-10-2023 09:27
Found In Egroup: Young Members Congress
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Save the Date! LESI YMC, in cooperation with LES Scandinavia, invites you to the 10th Pan-European LESI YMC Conference. The event will take place on 17 November 2023 in Stockholm, Sweden. This year's theme is New Paradigm for Licensing in Europe. Distinguished speakers will address the recent and ...
Posted By Dana Colarulli 09-18-2023 10:32
Found In Library: Trademarks, Design and Merchandising
MINUTES LESI TDM Committee 15 September 2023 2pm CET 1. Attendees: a. Barbara Berdou (chair) (South Africa) b. Javier Fernandez-Lasquetty (vice-chair) (Madrid) c. Theresa Luk (Hong Kong) d. Mercy Musukwa (Malawi) ...
Posted By Dana Colarulli 08-30-2023 09:36
Found In Announcements
A short post to thank our IP Valuation Committee leaders for 2023-2024, Chris and Bob! Chair: Chris Schulte, Ankura (USA & Canada) (22) Chris Schulte | LinkedIn Vice Chair: Bob Held, Held IP (USA & Canada) (22) Robert (Bob) Held, CLP, IAM-300 | Linke ...
Posted By Dana Colarulli 08-23-2023 15:36
Found In Library: Young Members Congress
2024-2025 TBD 2023-2024 Stacey Dunn USA & Canada 2022-2023 Kilian Schärli Switzerland 2021-2022 David Swain Hong Kong 2020-2021 Gina Busku Hungary 2019-2020 Vince Bergeron USA & Canada 2018-2019 Tom Gaunt Britain & Ireland ...
Posted By Dana Colarulli 06-07-2023 12:00
Found In Egroup: High Growth Technology Business (HTB) Committee
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2023-2024 Committee Leadership: Chair: Thomas Bereuter (Austria/EPO) Vice Chairs: · Juergen Graner (Austria) · Audrey Yap (Singapore) · Adéla Dvořáková (Austria) ------------------------------ Dana Colarulli LESI Executive Director Washington DC (202) 841-0276 | ...
Posted By Dana Colarulli 06-07-2023 11:55
Found In Announcements
This session will feature Ghassan Kassab as our live case study speaker, who has built an innovation system with his California Medical Innovations Institute and 3DT Holdings. With 300+ patents and 600+ publications in his name and countless groundbreaking inventions, he has tried all pathways and ...
Posted By Dana Colarulli 12-19-2022 13:10
Found In Egroup: Dispute Resolution
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See attached the Committee Report for the LESI Dispute Resolution Committee, submitted by: Chair: Tilman Müller-Stoy (LES Germany) Vice Chair: Marco Tong (LES China) ------------------------------ Dana Colarulli LESI Executive Director Washington DC (202) 841-0276 | ------------- ...
Posted By Dana Colarulli 08-25-2022 08:21
Found In Library: Copyright Licensing
Attached are the slides used in the Aug 25 Roundtable to prompt discussion about NFTs. Questions also pasted below: Questions addressed: What exactly is NFT? What rights do NFT purchasers have? What are the current licensing terms used for NFTs in your jurisdiction, i.e., do copyright owners ...
Posted By Dana Colarulli 08-25-2022 08:16
Found In Egroup: Copyright Licensing
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Thank you to @Ploynapa Julagasigorn and @Criselda Santiago for moderating the session this am on NFTs for the committee (and to committee chair @GEORGE HWANG for kicking off the session today! We had great participation and a few interesting questions. I hope this is the beginning of a conversation ...
Posted By Dana Colarulli 06-30-2022 18:20
Found In Egroup: High Growth Technology Business (HTB) Committee
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Flagging this webinar for SMEs from USPTO, scheduled for next week / July 7. *** For small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) doing business on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean, managing their intellectual property (IP) assets is of critical importance if they are looking to grow and thrive in ...
Posted By Dana Colarulli 06-27-2022 14:50
Found In Library: Valuation
Posted By Dana Colarulli 06-27-2022 13:23
Found In Egroup: Trademarks, Design and Merchandising
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Welcome Message from Co-Chair: Barbara Berdou Sent by email: Friday, June 17, 2022 Dear all, Welcome to the new term of the TDM Committee. I have the privilege of co-chairing the committee this term with Jochen Schaefer, and vice chairs Charmaine Koo, Lionel Tan and Javier Lasquety. ...