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    Upcoming Events

    • Wednesday

      LESI WILA Speaker Series 2022-23 [Session 3]: "Insights from WILA’s Global Mentoring Program"

      Feb 8, 09:30 - 10:15 (ET)
      Join LESI's Women in Licensing Alliance (WILA) as they discuss their Global Mentoring Program. Speakers: - Judith Miller, Principal & National Practice Group Leader – Commercial, Wrays Lawyers (Moderator) - Samantha Williams, Licensing Manager, Trinity College Dublin - Ingrid Nakamura, Jurídico Propriedade Intelectual, Braskem, Brazil This event is free to participants.

    • Wednesday

      LESI Copyright Licensing Committee "Update On Digitalisation and Music Landscape in the US"

      Feb 15, 09:00 - 10:00 (ET)
      We all enjoy music via streaming these days. The US has the largest share of paid subscriptions for DSP music. Revenue in this segment in the US is projected to reach US$6.03b in 2023. In 2018, the Music Modernisation Act was signed into law. It had 3 objectives. The main objective was to create a blanket license for interactive streaming services. The other two were to create rights for pre-1972 sound recordings and for music producers, mixers and sound engineers. Besides blanket licensing for streaming, the Act establishes a mechanical licensing collective (MLC) and Digital Licensee Co-ordinator. The MLC was formed by a coalition of music companies. For sound recording rights, it is the Sound Exchange which is collecting the license fee. The Sound Exchange has also been active in the lobbying of the American Music Fairness Act 2022. After 5 years since the enactment of the Music Modernisation Act, we are privileged to have Serona Elton, Head of Educational Partnerships of Mechanical Licensing Collective and Ryan Lehning, Assistant General Counsel, International of Sound Exchange to share with us the state of play in this area in the US. Read about the Speakers .

    • Wednesday

      LESI Dispute Resolution Committee "Starting UPC-Litigation – how, where and when?"

      Feb 15, 13:00 - 14:30 (CET)
      In this webinar the panelists will delve deeper into the strategic aspects of UPC litigation, e.g. System shopping and Forum Shopping. Will parties use a hybrid-litigation approach? How can the UPC be used with multiple parties and/or patents? What role will the language play? Speakers: - Alexander Haertel (Moderator) - Juliane Buchinski - Julia Ericsson - Mark van Gardingen - Walter Schober

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