LES Britain-Ireland "Trade Secrets vs. Patents – how to optimise ROI for your hard earned innovation

When:  Jan 16, 2024 from 17:00 to 20:00 (BST)

When considering the cost of patent filing strategies, a trade secret programme might initially look very favourable. But is it? We bring together a panel of expert practitioners to consider the relative return on investment (ROI) of the seemingly mutually exclusive strategies of trade secret and patent protection, and the considerations which should be applied better to optimise financial return on the innovation.

The panel will be chaired by Dr Karl Barnfather, Senior Patent Practitioner at Withers & Rogers LLP, and he will be joined by speakers:

  • Jennifer Burdman, Chief IP Officer at Valo Health in Boston
  • Nigel Swycher, CEO and founder of Cipher (recently acquired by LexisNexis)
  • Dai Davis, Solicitor and Chartered Engineer at Brooke North LLP


Withers & Rogers
2 London Bridge