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"Circular Economy and Recycling" Stream - Objectives

  • 1.  "Circular Economy and Recycling" Stream - Objectives

    Posted 01-12-2023 09:48

    Circular Economy is becoming a necessary pillar of sustainable development. The aim of this stream is to propose potential evolutions of LES objectives with regards to the necessary innovation trends implied.

    At present, it appears that Innovation trends will emerge from three fundamental domains:

    - Innovations in Technology: the need to redesign production processes to integrate from the start the recyclability of products (eco-design), and the overall energy and material efficiency of all  value chains

    - Supply chain: new constraints will have to emerge to cope with the difficult optimization between material and energy optimization and the consistency between captation/recycling and usage of materials end energy

    - Global economy: it looks like a revolution to be able to address the need to adapt the present accounting rules, considering natural raw materials as free resources instead of valuable exhaustible expensive materials

    The workstream will address all these dimensions through examples and evidence of general consequences on licensing practices.

    Dario Mohammadian Santander
    LES Spain/Portugal