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  • Join the HTB committee meeting in Madrid at the LESI International Conference 2024

    Please join the High-growth technology business committee meeting on Monday, 29. April 17.30-18.15 at the LESI International Conference 2024 in room "ESCUDO" of the conference venue (Melia Castilla Hotel). Audrey Yap will welcome you.

    If you can't make it, please make sure that you follow our HTB community on LinkedIn

    Best regards,
    HTB committee

    Thomas Bereuter, Adela Dvorakova, Jürgen Graner (GJ) and Audrey Yap

  • Join the HTB Conference 2024 on 15 March at 9:00 CET

    Don't miss the online HTB conference 2024 on 15 March, featuring four keynote lectures, each followed by an interactive discussion:

    - Technology businesses powered by brands (Juergen Graner); Focus on your users for your high growth tech business (David Ai); Manufacturing trends and IP strategies (Audrey Yap); IP commercialization case study (Apiwat Thongprasert)

    Register at:

    For updates follow

  • Patent Assertion Entities (PAEs): Mitigating Risks Globally

    Join the LES Technology Transfer Committee and the LESI Patent & Technology Licensing Committee for a discussion related to company strategies related to addressing Patent Assertion Entities (PAEs) – challenges and opportunities as well as ways to limit litigation risks involving PAEs. Speakers:

    o Peter Ling, Partner, Lenz & Staehelin (Zurich, Switzerland) - MODERATOR

    o K Subodh Kumar, Head IP Services at Tata Consultancy Services (Hyderabad, India)

    o Nikolaos Minas, Global IP Counsel at Wesco (Dublin, Ireland)

    o Bita Mortazavi, Vice President of Patent Analysis at RPX Corporation (San Francisco, USA)

    o Sam Wiley, Vice President of Thought Leadership and Partnerships at LOT Network (Albuquerque, USA)

Upcoming Events

  • Wednesday

    LES Britain-Ireland 2024 Annual Conference and LES100 Training Course

    Jun 5 - 6, (BST)
    LES Britain & Ireland's 2024 Annual Conference "THE JOURNEY TO COMMERCIALISATION" will take place in LONDON in JUNE! Whatever the size of your organisation, bringing new products to the market or entering new markets can be challenging. Obstacles range from protecting your own intellectual property and navigating around that of others, to finding the right collaboration partner and getting finances in place. At the 2024 Annual Conference, LES B&I will bring those with an interest in licensing and intellectual property together to share experiences and thoughts on how to face the challenges and make the journey to commercialisation run smoothly. We would like to hear from you with ideas for topics you would like to be discussed and if you are interested in providing a talk or participating in a panel discussion then even better! Please contact the Admin Office ( with your proposals by 26 February.

  • Sunday

    LES 2024 USA-Canada Annual Meeting

    Oct 20 - 23, (CT)
    Keep updated here
    New Orleans, LA, United States

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